An e-catalogue offers you the opportunity to showcase all your products with their images, prices and descriptions giving your busters an advantage of seeing details of what they expect to get when they buy from you.


If you are selling products online and are not using an e-catalogue, there's a lot of benefits you're missing out on.




Benefits of an e-catalogue on

It can help you create sales from your customers and also help convert more visitors into customers.  An E-Catalogue aims at helping you in promoting your business.


It provides the following benefits;


  1. Convenience for buyers - Buyers can see all your products, prices and descriptions which inform them of more details about your products. An e-catalogue then makes the shopping experience very easy and convenient which is what most buyers are looking for.
  2. Easily shareable online- E-catalogues are easily shareable via platforms such as WhatsApp, email and social media, making it easy for you to show all your products and services to potential customers in one simple and easy way
  3. Easy to update and maintain - It is possible to edit your e-catalogue on You can easily add and remove products anytime.
  4. They reduce printing and distribution costs - An e-catalogue is digital hence all you need to do for distribution is share the link of your e-catalogue as frequently as possible on your social media channels. This completely reduces the printing and distribution cost.
  5. It is connected directly to your WhatsApp: This means that customers order from you directly via WhatsApp, allowing you to collect their phone numbers which you can use to market your business when you have a sale or new stock
  6. An e-catalogue on allows you to see the number of times your products have been viewed: View analytics such as how many people viewed your products and viewed your e-catalogue, real-time, from anywhere

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