Now That You Have Added Your Products On


It doesn't end there! This is not where you sit back relax and wait for "sales" and "profits" from airduka. While we are constantly promoting our website, and products on our website on channels such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, among other marketing partners, you as the business owner also need to share your subdomain link to your networks. 


Here's what you need to do to get more sales


Picture it this way, say you sell clothes and your new stock just arrived. However, it is still folded and packed in bales and boxes. You would need to unpack, iron and display them in an excellent and attractive way in your shop right? Maybe even dress some mannequins to attract passersby. 

You can even go an extra mile- take pictures of your products and share them on your WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp statuses and social media and more. Only then will you start getting people to know about your New Stock right? 


So the same is what you need to do with your sub-domain on Display it on your social media pages, and share it on WhatsApp with customers. By doing this, then your followers, and potential customers will see your entire inventory in just one click and they can order through WhatsApp directly from the webpage! 



Add your Subdomain Link on your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and any social media page  where followers can see your full inventory


Check out how Airlite Electronics have added their subdomain link to their Facebook Page



Visit your airduka webpage and share your link to followers and potential buyers today!

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