We've got great news for all sellers on airduka.com: you will be receiving direct sales leads from buyers looking for your products on the platform.

From now on, sellers on Airduka will be able to generate direct sales leads from buyers on the marketplace.

This feature allows buyers to send their contact details including names, phone numbers and email addresses to sellers that a buyer wishes to purchase their products/services.

These details will be sent to sellers via email and SMS, and they will be real-time information sent immediately after a buyer submits their details.

These buyers are primed and ready to buy, so you'll have a greater chance of making sales!

Airduka sellers who have started to adopt this feature are using it and generating large amounts of sales compared to the past.

How Do Duka Leads Work?

As a seller you can access these buyer details by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your profile 
  2. On the left column, click on 'Duka Leads'
  3. This is where you can see the number of buyers interested in buying your products and have left their contacts for you to reach out to them and fulfil their enquiries. 

What Are New Duka Leads?

The New Duka Leads tab shows you which buyers have filled the Request For Quotation form where they are looking for a product that you sell. 

When you have buyer details on this column, you then have to click on 'Get Lead' to reveal the contact details of the buyer

Depending on the subscription package you are on, these are the monthly expected new duka leads each package gets as explained below:

  • Basic - One New Duka Lead Monthly
  • Silver- Five New Duka Leads Monthly
  • Gold - Fifteen New Duka Leads Monthly
  • Diamond -  FIfty New Duka Leads Monthly

Once you have consumed all your monthly New Duka Leads before the month ends, you can purchase more New Duka Leads which are matched to your profile from buyers who wish to buy your products for only Ksh 249 per New Duka Lead.

What Are Purchased Duka Leads?

A Purchased Duka Lead is any duka lead that you have consumed. This is where you will find details of all the buyers you have contacted before.

It is a record of all consumed duka leads from your account.

What Are Exclusive Duka Leads?

An Exclusive Duka Lead shows the contact details of a buyer who clicked on one of your products with the aim of buying or enquiring more details. 

Through Exclusive Duka Leads, you can get the details of a buyer who is interested in your products on airduka.com and you can call them and sell the product

Click Here to log in to your airduka profile and view how many buyers are interested in your products and convert the Duka Leads into sales! 

For further assistance or clarification, reach our customer service team on 0111 108 000