Are you selling products that are discounted? If yes, then you are missing out on a golden opportunity to promote your sales by adding discount details directly on the product on This article will teach you how to add product discount details to your products and increase your sales.

Planning a clearance sale? Or are you just looking to get more sales for your products and are wondering how to go about it? Adding discounts to specific products is one guaranteed way to get more people to buy them. You can now add product discounts on your profile on Whether the discount is a percentage off or whether it is a specific amount off e.g Ksh 200 bob off a product, all sellers can now showcase discount details for any products they wish to offer a discount. Whatsmore, you can have a special discount running for a specific duration. For instance, if you are a books, stationery and office supplies seller, you can decide to have a 20% discount on exercise books during the back-to-school season which is fast approaching. 

To add discount details to your products, here's a simple step-by-step guide: 



  • Login to your airduka profile 
  • On the left column, click on Products
  • Click on Product Discounts


  • On the top-right side click on Add Discount


  • Enter the name of the discount e.g Back-To-School Offer
  • On the Product Selection Section, select whether the discount applies to all products or individual products
  • On the Type of Promotion, Select whether your discount is a percentage discount e.g 10% or if it is a monetary discount e.g Ksh 200 off
  • Select the start and end date and create the promotion 



And that's all you need to do to add discount details to your products! See how simple that was?

The discount will only start and end on the dates you select. 

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Add discounts to your products and make more sales!