Airduka has made the shopping experience for your customers much easier. We have introduced Product Collections. A new feature that allows you to group similar products together on your airduka website.

Here's what we mean:

If you sell all types of shoes, e.g. Boots, Heels, Sneakers, Sandals etc, you can now add all Boots in one collection, all Sneakers in one collection.

A good example is Cake City. Check out how they have categorised their similar cakes together in collections:

Here's what makes this New Feature great for your website:
✅ You can have different products in their own collections such as Baby Shoes Collection, Ladies Shoes Collection etc
✅ Your customers can now enjoy a smoother experience when shopping on your airduka website
✅ More time will be spent on your airduka website by customers because Product Collections bring an easier experience
✅ Experience an increase in Whatsapp engagement from customers
🔥 Incorporate this new feature on your airduka website and maximize on sales like Cake City

Here's How To Create Collections For Your Products On Your Airduka Website

  1. Login to your airduka website

  1. If using your phone, click on the 3 lines On the left of your screen,

Click on Collections

Select New Collection

Select the similar products you want to group together and that's it !!


Repeat the same process to create more collections

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