Sales is a challenge in any business. You want to sell enough of your services or products to keep the business going and you also want to get profits.

How do you cope with that, especially with online shopping being the leading trend? Did you know that people search for products online before purchasing? 

Well, we have the easiest, most affordable solution for you. So let’s show you how on, you can improve sales for your business!

You see, is a Kenyan owned online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. 

What's more, all businesses on get an e-catalogue that is linked to their WhatsApp! So imagine your business will be receiving orders directly from buyers through your Whatsapp number. Here's a breakdown of the benefits for your business by getting on 

1. Get Your Entire Product/Service Inventory Available Online offers all types of businesses the opportunity to have their inventory available online, with product images, prices and descriptions.

Furthermore, the in-house Search Engine Optimization team at airduka reworks your product descriptions to make them easier to appear on online search engines e.g Google, thus improving your product's visibility.

The online inventory then becomes your e-catalogue which is connected to your WhatsApp, where buyers can WhatsApp you directly to order.


Getting an e-catalogue for your business gives you the following benefits:

  • Buyers can see your entire inventory in one easy to view online link
  • Your e-catalogue includes images, prices and descriptions for each product, the fact that this valuable information is easily available to buyers makes it convenient for them, leading to more sales for you
  • Your e-catalogue is connected directly to your WhatsApp and buyers can place their orders directly to you 
  • Adding or removing products, or any other changes are super easy to make on your e-catalogue on and you can even make them using your phone!

The Airduka Solution

  1. Immediately you get your business on, complete with your company details and your products with their prices and images as instructed on this tutorial video, your e-catalogue and starts running live instantly
  2. You can be able to add products quickly from any device from anywhere in the world

Your subscription is the only amount you pay; there are no hidden or extra charges.

What's more, you can view real-time data on how many clicks each product is receiving. Join airduka!

2.  The E-Catalogue You Get On Airduka Is Directly Connected To Your Whatsapp


This enables you to offer a personalised experience with your customers as they are coming to you directly. Airduka does not handle orders for sellers. Buyers can whatsapp your number directly. Furthermore, their message to you includes the link of the specific item they are interested in. Imagine how easy this makes communication with your customers! Here is where you can engage them further, cross-sell other products, arrange for delivery, and you can even inform them of offers, deals, sales or new stock you have.


3. There Are NO COMMISSION Charges When You Sell Products Or Services On


Other online sites in the Kenyan market currently charge a commission on products sold. Here at, the money you make from selling your products is all yours. Whether you make Ksh 100,000 or more, you get all the money sent directly to you from buyers. Airduka does not receive payments on behalf of sellers. We do not charge any commissions on products or services sold. This then enables you to retain your usual price for products

4. Have Search Engine Optimization Done For Each Product When You Get on

Get your products on and have Search Engine Optimization done for you by the in-house SEO team at airduka. This will make your products much easier to be found on online sites such as Google. More online visibility for your products = more online sales 😃

5. Learn How Many People Click On Your Products Daily & How Many Visit Your E-Catalogue Daily

Do you know which of your products attract buyers the most? On, you get real-time statistics on the number of times, buyers visit your e-catalogue and the number of views each product gets. This data can be used for effective decision making for your business.

6. Receive Direct Sales Leads From Customers Looking For Your Products

Sellers on receive sales leads from buyers looking for their products on airduka. The leads are sent to a seller via email and SMS as soon as a buyer shows interest in their products or services. Login to your profile to view buyers who want your products.

These are the immense benefits your business will get when you join If I were a business owner I would get my business on airduka ASAP, after all, it only takes 15 minutes then I reap all these benefits. 

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