So you've gathered the whole squad for the road trip to Naivasha and squeezed into your favorite Sébastien Loeb or Carl Tundo t-shirt, you have the safari rally 2022 route map ready, and the WRC Kenya 2022 schedule. But what else should you bring to a Safari rally?

WRC Kenya Safari Rally
Image Source: WRC Kenya Safari Rally


What does WRC stand for in safari rally you ask?🤔 WRC is the World Rally Championship.

What you take to the WRC Kenya safari rally depends on what kind of experience you expect and your personal needs. If you will be sipping on some bubbly in a plush suite at Great Rift Valley Lodge or Enashipai Resort & Spa, you probably won’t need to bring your own toilet paper. Similarly, if you’re camping at one of the campsites you cannot dare leave the toilet paper at home this time.

Go through this checklist before heading out for the safari rally taking place from 23rd-26th June 2022 to confirm if you forgot anything, but be careful not to pack everything.


Here’s Everything You Need at the Kenya WRC Safari Rally 2022


  • Personal identification documents

First and foremost, bring your identification documents, be it your National ID, Alien ID, or your Passport when attending the rally and afterparties, as you might be requested to show identification by authorities to access some areas.

It is also a requirement to show proof of identification at mobile money agent shops like M-Pesa, Airtel Money, or T-Kash agents in case you will be withdrawing cash.

  • Money

You will be tempted to make lots of impulse buys during the long waits between the rally action and let's be honest, at such a world-class competition with a captive audience it is expected that products and services will be more costly than usual.

It is wise to buy team wear or rally driver merchandise in advance from the WRC online store to save yourself from potential queueing at the event, enjoy a variety of options, and probably save you more money.

  • Food

You can bring your own food items to cook when camping and hire cooking equipment from the campsites. Some Cold cuts that do not need refrigeration are nice items to bring for cooking on your camping trip, with some spices to spruce up your meals.

Canned foods and dried foods are prepared to stay for some time without refrigeration and would be a nice addition to your camping food packing list. Carry an energy snack bar around to boost your energy during the day between meals to avoid starving.

In case you need to store the food items, you could use a cooler box, or store them in a refrigerator where you will be staying.


Don't dare miss out on the famous Nyama Choma from the popular Kikopey Choma zone between the Nakuru-Nairobi highway. Grilled meat, aka Nyama Choma, is a renowned Kenyan delicacy that will leave your tastebuds wanting more of the juicy flavors. Be sure to drop by Kikopey when in Kenya.

Food can also be bought from a variety of restaurants close to the rally venues or at the hotels, lodges, and Airbnb accommodation where you will be staying. Some of the places you can dine in within Naivasha include: 

    1. Lazybones Bar & Restaurant at Camp Carnelly's Naivasha
    2. Ranch House Bistro at Lake Olioden Naivasha
    3. Java House at Buffalo Mall Naivasha
    4. The Club House Cafe at Sanctuary Farm, Moi South Lake Road Naivasha
    5. Geothermal Hot Spa Club Naivasha
    6. Fisherman's Camp Naivasha
    7. Mother's Kitchen Naivasha
    8. Rift Valley Spur Steak Ranch
    9. Manera Farm Delamere Shop Naivasha
    10. Mbuzi Munch Naivasha
Nyama Choma in Kenya
Image Source: Kristian Ryan Alimon



  • Drinks

It goes without saying that water is the first essential drink to bring to the rally, and everywhere, of course, to ensure you stay hydrated under the African sun. Be conscious of the environment and carry a reusable water bottle that you can refill regularly to prevent littering and keep your water close.

Main Image
Image Source: Amaya Stores

Juices, energy drinks, and soft drinks can also be carried in your portable water bottle to help you keep your fluids up.




Fancy some alcohol during the road trip? Gin ama Whiskey? You can also celebrate Tusker's 100th anniversary with your preferred Tusker beers as you watch the drivers bolt past you.

Ladies, you can sip on some canned Wine from South Africa or enjoy a Cider as you catch the WRC action and enjoy the buzz in your head and the rally cars speeding past you and the squad.

  • Camping Essentials

What comes to mind when visiting Naivasha? Yes, that's right. Camping.

Some campsites provide tents, bedding, and other camping gear, while others require you to bring your own camping equipment. For a memorable camping experience, it would be safe to bring some essentials to make your stay comfortable.


A camping tent is a must-have for any camping trip, with the option of single occupancy, 2 occupants, or more than 2 occupants per tent.

You could either use a camping bed raised above the ground or use an inflatable mattress as your camping bedding and cover yourself in a sleeping bag or travel duvet.

Spice up your camping experience by bringing some portable camping chairs that are waterproof and sit comfortably enjoying the scenic views after winding down at your campsite while enjoying a cold drink from your insulated camping cooler box.

Insect and bug repellents are great for such camping evenings, as there are mosquitoes that fly around near the Kenyan lakes and you wouldn't want your skin to get irritated by these insects as you sit around the evening campfire.


Bring a portable flashlight to see your way moving around the campsite at night, as some campsites only have lighting at limited spots.

  • Clothing

Are you that person in your family and squad who dresses to impress? Well, you obviously need to wear clothing but check the weather forecast before heading out and dress accordingly. Pack spare comfortable clothes for both hot and cold weather, and keep a Puffer vest jacket close by in case the weather changes.


Sandals are a nice-to-have addition to your clothing in case your happy feet and toes need to breathe after baking under the Kenya sun. They would come in handy too in case you decide to take a boat ride or pop by the Lake Elementaita shores to take some memorable snaps of your trip.

  • Auto Spares

Image Source: Tool Shack KE Limited



Tembea Kenya? We all enjoy travelling and taking in the sites of our beautiful country and attending the safari rally in itself is an adventure. To fully enjoy watching the live rally action it is safe to have spares for your automobile, whether a car, a truck or a motorcycle. Booster cables are nice to have in case your car's battery runs out and you need to jumpstart the car.

It is always good to have some spare coolant close, as you don't want your engine to overheat on this trip and risk you missing out on all the fun and thrilling auto action.

Maybe you prefer to ride your cool superbike, dirtbike, or dual-sport motorbike down to Naivasha and beyond for the WRC Safari rally. Capture your perspective of the rally using a cool action camera, maybe a GoPro Hero, and show your side of the rally action to your fellow riders, who knows, they might ride fast to meet you there in case they had no idea you were attending.

  • Phones

x tigi-feature-phone

You will need to communicate with your squad at the rally venue to locate each other in the mayhem, or maybe take a few photos with your smartphone.

It is good to bring spare battery packs and power banks to ensure you are always connected. Bring a "Kabambe" (feature phone) with you as well, just in case the network connection gets spotty when using a smartphone. It is safer to move around with the kabambe to safeguard yourself from petty theft in crowded areas of the rally.

  • Photography

They say "Take Photos or it never happened"? Whether you plan to take photos to impress your Instagram followers or save them for memories of a fabulous weekend, capturing the perfect shot of a safari rally car in action is what this weekend is all about.

You can bring a smartphone with a good camera to get some shots, or a camera with small lenses (<300mm or less), well unless you are a professional photographer, then, in this case, you already have heavy photography equipment to use at the designated media-access areas.

Nikon D7500
Image Source: Airlite Electronics



It might be hard to get a good shot of a rally car at high speed, so do not be surprised if you have a lot of photos of just the dusty savanna, but ensure you bring enough spare battery power and memory capacity to last you all day. You don't want to miss out on the podium celebrations because you have run out of power or because of insufficient memory space. 

  • Sanitary items

Hand sanitizer is almost a must-have nowadays after the Covid19 pandemic hit the world, we basically need to sanitize every few instances throughout the day especially when in crowded places that have close human contact. 

Wet wipes are great in case you touch mucky things, they can be used for post-meal cleanup even with kids around.


Toilet facilities at rally venues can run out of toilet paper early in the day so bring some of your own to be safe. Remember earlier we agreed you will not forget your toilet rolls at home?

  • Comfort Essentials

Carry an umbrella in case it rains to keep yourself dry and comfortable.

Gumboots are also nice comfort essentials to have, in case it rains and you need to move around the mud.


An enjoyable trip is a comfortable trip. Bring a travelling neck pillow with memory foam to support your head and neck as you travel for the perfect balance of softness and support.

  • Safety Gear & Essentials

You might love the sound of a safari rally car but the loud roar of rally cars bolting past you could be unbearable especially for the kids when you are very close to the rally tracks. A pair of earplugs is recommended to protect the sensitivity of your ears at the championship and you can buy them in advance before making the trip for safety.


The hot Kenyan sun can scorch your skin when outside for hours and using sunscreen of at least SPF 50+ is recommended, and carry it to reapply later in the day to avoid getting sunburns. Even on a cloudy day you still need to use sunscreen.

  • Information gadgets

You need to know what is happening during the rally and a pair of Binoculars are handy to have on you. They can help you see things you would otherwise miss out on with your naked eyes, including the rally cars at a distance with team names, numbers, and colours, so you can cheer on your favourite drivers as they approach where you are catching the action from.

woman in white long sleeve shirt using black dslr camera
Image Source: Aramudi



A portable radio is handy so you can be informed through the race broadcasts during the competition.

Be sure to follow the live bulletins online as well through the Official WRC and Safari Rally pages as they share updates on the championship progress and highlights.

  • Entertainment

If you will be at the rally track venues from when the gates open, there might be long periods of waiting between the action and you might get bored, especially for the kids. To keep yourselves entertained, you can bring sets of board games and card games or download a few mobile phone games to help stave off the boredom. Throw some dice and play at chance, keep yourself busy and have fun while at it.


Drawing and colouring sets are also kids' favourite activity that puts their art skills to practice and kill boredom too, bring a set or two for the young ones to use during the waits between the rally action.

Bring a book or a magazine if you are a bookworm and flip through some pages between the bursts of action when you get bored.

  • Packing Bags & Suitcases

So you have planned your schedule, confirmed that you have a majority if not everything on this checklist set aside, and the day for packing is here.

What next? You need somewhere to put your things for the trip. A heavy packer, mostly ladies, would use a suitcase to put all the items in spacious packaging. Gents prefer backpacks or duffel bags because of the ease of carrying them around.


You are better off packing in a bag or case of your preferred size and type, one that you can easily add extra things from your trip attending the safari rally depending on your shopping and travel plans. If you are planning to buy a few African jewelry, fabrics, shoes, and clothing, it's best to carry a spacious packing bag.

  • Transport

You might prefer to drive to Naivasha for the safari rally in your private car or carpool with the squad and take turns driving. Ensure you have a car with good ground clearance so you don't get stuck on untarmacked roads as you move around. 

If you prefer to hire a car and be chauffeured around you can look at local car hire service providers that offer services to both local and international clients. This will take your mind off things and only need your presence and preferences. Take in the scenes of the beautiful Kenyan countryside and let the professionals take care of you.

4x4-offroadLast-minute plans might have you joining a group trip organized by different destination management companies and travel agencies to attend the rally. They take care of your accommodation, meals, and shared transport depending on your budget. Give them your preferences and let them handle the rest for you.

  • Car, Medical & Travel insurance

You cannot drive or ride a motorbike without vehicle insurance in Kenya, and if found with the offense you risk getting arrested. Ensure that your vehicle insurance cover is up to date before heading out for the WRC Safari rally.

A healthy family is a happy family and you can have a healthy stress-free trip with a medical insurance cover as you plan to attend the Kenya safari rally. With the many Medical insurance providers including NHIF, you can safeguard yourself and your loved ones ahead of the thrilling automobile action in case you catch something.

Ensure you have an updated travel insurance cover as you travel to attend the rally championship, so you are assured of comprehensive coverage in case of unexpected emergencies during the WRC Kenya Safari rally. 

  • Souvenirs and Gift items

It is human to buy gifts for ourselves of our loved ones and souvenirs of places we want to have visual memories of. A canvas wall painting from Elementaita is a great gift item and souvenir for artsy people, or a piece of African neck jewelry for the fashionable you.


One of the signature souvenir items from Kenya is a Maasai Shuka and you can get yourself a couple of these warm shawls in Nairobi, Naivasha, Elementaita, or Nakuru. Maasai Shukas are worn differently depending on your style preference, from plain scarf designs to hooded ponchos that are unisex. 

Take a piece of Kenya back home with you and hold on to memories of the scenic WRC Kenya Safari Rally.

  • Miscellaneous

Bring a good reliable pen and something to get signed if you want to get rally drivers' autographs from your favorite teams or drivers. 

It is nice to have the rally itinerary so you can know exactly where to be at what time to capture the best action.

I'm sure our enlightened readers do not need to be told this, bring something you can use to put all your rubbish in before you get to a trash bin. Volunteers will not always be there to pick up everyone's trash, and you don't want to dump rubbish everywhere you go. 


WRC Kenya Safari Rally Packing List
Download Your Printable WRC Safari Rally Packing List